The Multimedia Quality of Experience Research Lab (MUEXlab) is a research lab within the NetMedia group, Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. The lab conducts multidisciplinary research in the areas of User Experience (UX) and Quality of Experience (QoE) modeling and management of advanced multimedia services, such as multiparty audiovisual communications, video streaming, virtual/augmented reality, and networked games.


New project - 5Gaming

A new project, funded by Croatian telecom, started as of Nov. 2020: 5Gaming. The goal of the project is to set up a demo environment and, through a number of scenarios related to gaming, demonstrate the advantages of the 5G network. The scenarios include networked multiplayer virtual reality (VR) gaming, mobile cloud gaming, and VR cloud gaming. The duration of the project is one year.

Author: Irena Oršolić
Q-MERSIVE project activities...

Q-MERSIVE project activities have been presented at the 5th Int'l Workshop on Data Science (IWDS 2020) (held online Nov. 24, 2020) in the scope of the session on “Research Activities of the Research Unit for Data Science”. A video of prerecoreded sessions in available online.

Author: Irena Oršolić
Open access journal papers published

The following open access journal papers have been published:

Author: Irena Oršolić
Papers presented at QoMEX 2020 (12th...

The following papers were presented at QoMEX 2020 conference (held online May 26–⁠28, 2020):

  • "Usability Assessment of a Wearable Video-Communication System", authors Sara Vlahović, Matija Manđurov, Mirko Sužnjević, and Lea Skorin-Kapov
  • "Inclusion of End User Playback-Related Interactions in YouTube Video Data Collection and ML-Based Performance Model Training", authors Ivan Bartolec, Irena Oršolić, and Lea Skorin-Kapov
  • "You Drive Me Crazy! Interactive QoE Assessment for Telepresence Robot Control", authors Hamed Z. Jahromi, Ivan Bartolec, Edwin Gamboa, Andrew Hines, and Raimund Schatz
Author: Irena Oršolić
Congratulations dr. Oršolić!

Congratulations to team member Irena Oršolić for successfully defending her PhD thesis entitled "Quality of Experience Estimation of Encrypted Video Streaming by Using Machine Learning Methods". Great job Irena!

Author: Lea Skorin-Kapov
VOLCO: Evaluation and Optimization of...

VOLCO: Evaluation and Optimization of Volumetric Video QoE for Services Based on Holographic Communication of Remote Participants (Procjena i optimizacija iskustvene kvalitete volumetrijskog videa za usluge temeljene na hologramskoj komunikaciji udaljenih sudionika) has been succesfully completed. The project (KK. was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (Koherentnost i kohezija 2014. - 2020.), in cooperation with the company Diversitas IT sustavi d.o.o. Under this project, the MUEXLab research team explored different solutions for volumetric capture and processing, and analyzed different metrics for the evaluation of volumetric video quality. The results of this project will contribute towards the development of a volumetric video communication and collaboration system.


Author: Sara Vlahović
New project - VOLCO: Evaluation and...

New project started as of June 24th : VOLCO: Evaluation and Optimization of Volumetric Video QoE for Services Based on Holographic Communication of Remote Participants (Procjena i optimizacija iskustvene kvalitete volumentrijskog videa za usluge temeljene na hologramskoj komunikaciji udaljenih sudionika), Europski fond za regionalni razvoj, Konkurentnost i Kohezija 2014. - 2020., in cooperation with the company Diversitas IT sustavi d.o.o..

Author: Sara Vlahović
MUEXlab members attended FER Day at...

MUEXlab members Sara Vlahović and Ivan Bartolec attended the fourth annual FER Day at MIOC on 9th of March 2020. The event was intended for students of the XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb (popularly called MIOC) to get acquainted with the possibilities of studying at FER, scientific and professional projects, job opportunities, but also social activities, entertainment, sports, artistic, and cultural activites that FER offers to its students. Sara and Ivan demonstrated HTC Vive Virtual Reality System at a stand, where they introduced MUEXlab and its ongoing research activities regarding Virtual Reality. Sara also held a lecture entitled "From MIOC reality to Virtual Reality" where she talked about her academic and scientific experience, as a former student at MIOC and FER, and as a researcher today.

Author: Ivan Bartolec
MUEXlab members talk about AR/VR...

MUEXlab team members talked about AR and VR technologies on the Croatian TV show Prometej, which aired on Oct 24, channel HRT1. Team members discussed various application domains, as well as activities related to the ongoing project ARIEN. A video clip of the show can be viewed here.

Author: Lea Skorin-Kapov
The Croatian Minister of Economy...

The Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Darko Horvat, visited the Center for Articial Intelligence at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on October 14th, 2019. In the scope of the visit, the Minister and his collegues visited the Department of Telecommunications, where they met with reperesentatives from MUEXlab and IoTLab, both of which are a part of the Center for AI. MUEXlab representatives Lea Skorin-Kapov and Mirko Sužnjević discussed ongoing research activities and projects.

Author: Ivan Bartolec
Current research presented at SoftCOM...

This years PhD Forum was held as part of the 27th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM 2019), in Split, Croatia, and was attended by 3 MUEXlab members. The event was organized with the help from Mirko Sužnjević who acted as a PhD Forum committee member, and a representative from FER. To participate on the PhD Forum, PhD students had to write a short abstract of their current research, hold a 2 minute pitch talk, and prepare and present a poster. Sara Vlahović presented her research area and results with the abstract and poster entitled QoE Assessment for Interactive AR/VR Applications, receiving the award for best pitch talk presentation. Ivan Bartolec presented his abstract and poster entitled The Implications of End-user Service Usage Behavior Patterns on In-network Video QoE Monitoring and Management, winning the second place for best pitch talk presentation.

Author: Ivan Bartolec
MUEXlab members attended the...

EPSS19 Summer School on Machine Learning and Data Mining for Geo-Spatial Data, Quality of Experience and Human-Computer Interaction took place from 11th September until 16th September, in Würzburg, Germany, as part of the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML/PKDD). It was attended by three MUEXlab members, Irena Oršolić and Ivan Bartolec, whom were both part of the QoE track of the Summer School, while Prof. Lea Skorin-Kapov held a lecture entitled "Assessing and Modeling Gaming QoE". The summer school had a strong focus on practical aspects. The participants got to know and learned to apply various machine learning and data mining techniques in their field of research.

EPSS19: Link to Summer School web page

ECML: Link to Conference web page

Social media: You can find photos from the event here

Author: Ivan Bartolec
Representatives from Rimac visit lab

Representatives from Rimac Automobili visted MUEXlab as a part of their visit to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on Sept 6, 2019. Rimac Automobili is a high-tech Croatian-based company, manufacturing electric hypercars and providing full technology solutions to global automotive manufacturers. During the visit, we presented our ongoing research activities, with a focus on various applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Author: Ivan Bartolec
Student visit to Ericsson Nikola Tesla

On 13th of June 2019, 17 undergraduate students visited Ericsson Nikola Tesla Zagreb as a part of the Multimedia Services course. The company visit provided students with the opportunity to learn more about the company, history of its collaboration with the Department of Telecommunications, new technology challenges and Ericsson's area of expertise. Students took a tour of the facility and got a first hand-look at network equipment and VR tile-based streaming service. Students were also given the opportunity to talk with people who are involved in the R&D. It was a great experience overall and students who were engaged the most won prizes. You can find the photo gallery here.

Author: Ivan Bartolec
MUEXlab papers presented at QoMEX...

The following papers were presented at QoMEX 2019 in June in Berlin:

  • "Fundamental Relationships for Deriving QoE in Systems", authors Tobias Hoßfeld, Poul E. Heegaard, Lea Skorin-Kapov, and Martin Varela
  • "The Impact of Latency on Gaming QoE in Virtual Reality Games", authors Sara Vlahović, Mirko Sužnjević, Lea Skorin-Kapov
  • "To Share or Not to Share? How Exploitation of Context Data Can Improve In-Network QoE Monitoring of Encrypted YouTube Streams", authors Irena Oršolić, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Tobias Hossfeld
  • "In-Network YouTube Performance Estimation in Light of End User Playback-Related Interactions", authors Ivan Bartolec, Irena Oršolić, Lea Skorin-Kapov
Author: Lea Skorin-Kapov
Presentation held at a developers...


Mirko Sužnjević held an invited talk at a developers conference CASE 2019. The talk was entitled: "Quality of Experience for Virtual Reality Technologies".

Author: Mirko Sužnjević
Invited lecture at Faculty of Teacher...

Mirko Suznjevic held and invited lecture on the Faculty of Teacher Education in scope of the  "ICT in upbringing and education" course. The lecture was titled: "Virtual and augmented reality in early education".

Author: Mirko Sužnjević
Paper presented at CNSM 2018

Our PhD students, Irena Oršolić and Ivan Bartolec attended The 14th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2018) in Rome, Italy. Irena presented a paper entitled In-Network QoE and KPI Monitoring of Mobile YouTube Traffic: Insights for Encrypted iOS Flows, co-authored with Petra Rebernjak, Mirko Sužnjević, and Lea Skorin-Kapov. She was also awarded with a student travel grant.

Author: Irena Oršolić
Presentation booth at the University...

Members of the MUEXlab will present an application demonstrating different locomotion techniques in Virtual Reality at the University of Zagreb Fair. The fair will be held from November 21-24 this year in the premises of the Student Center in Zagreb. All interested students are invited to come visit us at our booth!

Author: Mirko Sužnjević
MUEXlab PhD students attended SST PhD...

Our PhD students Sara Vlahović, Ivan Bartolec, and Irena Oršolić attended the PhD forum organized in the scope of International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies (SST 2018), Osijek, Croatia. Irena Oršolić presented research results and challenges related to In-network Quality of Experience Monitoring of HTTP Adaptive Streaming Services, and received the second best pitch talk award.

Author: Irena Oršolić
New project - ARIEN: Power...

New project started as of Sept. 1st : ARIEN: Power infrustructrure management using collaboration techniques in Augmented Reality (Upravljanje energetskom infrastrukturom kroz kolaboraciju u proširenoj stvarnosti), 2018-2020, Europski fond za regionalni razvoj, IRI project, in cooperation with the company Diversitas IT sustavi d.o.o..

Author: Mirko Sužnjević
New Lab member!

New Lab member, PhD student Ivan Bartolec joined the team. Welcome Ivan!

Author: Mirko Sužnjević

New Lab member, PhD student Sara Vlahović joined the team. Welcome Sara!

Author: Mirko Sužnjević

Paper on In-Network QoE and KPI Monitoring of Mobile YouTube Traffic: Insights for Encrypted iOS Flows accepted for publication at CNSM 2018 (Rome).

Author: Mirko Sužnjević