• Q-MERSIVE: Modeling and Monitoring QoE for Immersive 5G-Enabled Multimedia Services, funded by the Croatian Science Foundation under grant no. IP-2019-04-9793, 01/2020-1/2024. (PI: Lea Skorin-Kapov)
  • Edu4Games - Creation of standards of professions and qualifications as well as new study programs for the area of design and development of video games, 3/2019 - 4/2022, Project funded by European Social Fund (ESF) (Project Coordinator for FER: Mirko Suznjevic)
  • QoMoVid: QoE Monitoring Solutions for Mobile OTT Video Streaming, 10/2016 - 11/2019, Project funded by Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Zagreb, Croatia (PI: Lea Skorin-Kapov)
  • ARIEN: Power infrastructure management using collaboration techniques in Augmented Reality (Upravljanje energetskom infrastrukturom kroz kolaboraciju u proširenoj stvarnosti), 2018-2020, Europski fond za regionalni razvoj, IRI project, in cooperation with Diversitas IT sustavi d.o.o. (PI: Lea Skorin-Kapov)
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