VR Quality Testing

Application concept: Sara Vlahović, Mirko Sužnjević, Lea Skorin-Kapov

Application design: Sara Vlahović, Monika Matokanović, Filip Nemec, Mirko Sužnjević, Lea Skorin-Kapov

Implementation: Monika Matokanović, Filip Nemec

Documentation: Monika Matokanović

This is a prototype tool aimed at facilitating the evaluation of VR interaction mechanics quality. Based on the parameter values (target-related, tool-related, task-related, study-related) defined by the study administrator using the desktop interface, the application generates a virtual environment (displayed on a head-mounted display) that allows players to experience and evaluate different implementations of popular VR game mechanics (shoot, slice, and pick-and-place). At the end of each test session, collected player performance measures can be exported for further analysis. The application, which was initially developed for use with HTC Vive Pro, was implemented in Unity using the VR Interaction Framework asset and is based on concepts and guidelines presented in the following journal article: 

Vlahovic, S.; Suznjevic, M.; Skorin-Kapov, L. A Framework for the Classification and Evaluation of Game Mechanics for Virtual Reality Games. Electronics 202211, 2946. https://doi.org/10.3390/electronics11182946

If you are interested in using this application for research purposes, please contact the corresponding author (sara.vlahovic@fer.hr). Additionally, please link to this page in your publications and cite the aforementioned paper. The current version is a prototype - bugs, errors, and crashes may occur. The application will continue to be updated.

This work has been supported by the Croatian Science Foundation under the project QMERSIVE, grant numbers IP-2019-04-9793 and DOK-2020-01-3779.


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